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British Society of Perfumers
The British Society of Perfumers was founded over 50 years ago, by perfumers, to help gain recognition and status in the perfume industry for perfumery as a profession. We currently have over 200 members, with four tiers of membership.

About Us

The British Society of Perfumers was formed in 1963 with the vision to promote the interests of individuals actively engaged as perfumers and to improve the status of perfumers by seeking wider recognition of perfumery as a profession.

Recently the Society has expanded to include Associate Members, Student Members and Friends of the Society, with a renewed purpose of promoting and supporting the craft of perfumers and related roles within the fragrance industry throughout the UK. As a forum for access to the fragrance industry many of our events are open to the public.

Become a member

Please read our FAQ and once you have done so, click Join Now below for our contact form – or email generalsecretary@bsp.org for membership forms.

If you are a fully paid member of the British Society of Perfumers, you can log in to the Members Area (top right, “My Area“). There you will be able to view video recordings of past lectures, presentations, exclusive write ups from events and minutes of meetings.

Our Events

The Britsh Society of Perfumers hosts and partners with major industry events – ensuring that we as professionals stay up-to-date with the latest news and any regulatory changes that could affect the fragrance industry.

Discover our awards

The British Society of Perfumers hosts annual Fragrance Excellence Awards, in which fine fragrance and consumer product categories are judged by industry peers – members of the Society. The award ceremony is held during our One Day Symposium in May.

“Pleasures, small pleasures: I like the pleasures we pilfer from everyday life, they brighten the day. They are mundane, they feel repetitive, they reassure. If we overlook them we deprive ourselves of the joys that make life bearable.”

Jean-Claude Ellena, Diary of a Nose

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